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Industrial/technical translation

Specialist editors edit our translation work in each field. When a document is to be prepared for DTP after translation, proofreaders check the quality of the finished document.

A project manager supervises the production process from translation through to finished product, providing centralized control of quality, timely delivery and cost.

Translation experience

Telecommunications, video games, electrical/electronic equipment, machinery/automobiles, measuring instruments, analytical equipment, biotechnology, chemicals, medicine, medical devices/equipment, apparel/textiles, financial services/economics, law/contracts

Major types of document handled

Manuals & operating instructions
Articles on technical subjects
Marketing and publicity materials
Patent documents
New drug approval applications

Languages covered

50 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean

Document services

In addition to translation, Adept is able to provide a full DTP service and create documents ready for publication. We are able to handle any Windows or Apple Macintosh application requested by the client. If your needs go beyond DTP, we can also arrange printing of even the smallest short-run jobs, providing a complete one-stop service from translation through to DTP and printing.

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