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Marketing Resources

Localizing marketing resources is an essential task for companies operating in the global market, but every marketing resource reflects the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the source language, and simply translating the text into another language is not enough. Adept has been translating marketing resources, mainly from English to Japanese, for more than 25 years. In other words, we have more than 25 years' experience of the difficulty of this work. Over this time, we have occasionally had comments from our clients such as "The translation seems to be accurate, but it will need extensive editing before we can use it", or "The terminology is appropriate, but it reads like a translation: can"t you put it into more natural Japanese?"

Drawing on this experience, we have created a Marketing Translation Style Guide so that our quality does not depend solely on the experience of the individual translator.

The Marketing Translation Style Guide

The Marketing Translation Style Guide includes guidelines on subjects such as
  • expressions that are used in the English source document, but which do not need to be translated into Japanese,
  • expressions not found in the English source document that make the text read more naturally if added in Japanese
  • words that are often translated into Japanese in one way in marketing resources, but which make the text read more smoothly if translated another way.
  • etc...

Marketing resources

White papers
Product guides
Sales promotion tools
Advertising materials
Press releases

Specialist teams

The project manager forms a specialist team of translators and reviewers to produce a high-quality translation, quickly and economically.
Close to Transcreation!

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