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Since its establishment in 1985, Adept has acquired a wealth of translation experience, both into and out of Japanese. By industry, this includes

IT-related: software localization

ERP/CRM: online help facilities (RoboHelp), FrameMaker manuals, user interfaces
CAD/CAM: online help facilities, manuals and user interfaces for production line simulation software
Networks: online help facilities for Internet server management testing tools, FrameMaker manuals, router manuals, online help facility for network management tool (RoboHelp)
Storage: online help facilities, FrameMaker manuals, user interfaces
Security: PKI manuals, daily virus information, articles on encryption
IT training solutions: training textbooks
Hardware: manuals
Websites: localization

Telecommunications: 3G cellular phone development specifications

Video games: development specifications

Electrical/electronic equipment: audio-visual equipment manuals for overseas markets, product catalogs

Machinery/automobiles: user manuals for printing presses made by overseas manufacturers, molding equipment software manuals, distribution simulation software manuals

Measuring instruments: manuals for optical measuring instruments

Analytical equipment: operating instructions for constituent analysis equipment

Biotechnology: research papers

Chemicals: MSDS

Pharmaceuticals: clinical trial reports

Medical devices/equipment: injection system user manuals

Apparel/textiles: design/cutting manual for automobile & train seat materials

Financial services/economics: quarterly economic journal

Law/contracts: corporate contracts, explanations of Japanese law

Other: home medicine guide, curriculum vitae of JICA volunteers, amusement machine operating manuals, marketing materials

For a more detailed description of our experience in any industry please complete the Inquiries form.

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